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A Postpartum Memoir

Repeat mothers are assumed to know what to expect during pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum period. Unexpected: A Postpartum Memoir is the moving, raw account of a second-time mother who finds herself struggling for the first time with postpartum depression, anxiety and motherhood itself. Only as a mother of two does Emily find herself unable to ignore the impossible tempo of motherhood. At eight-months postpartum, Emily finds motherhood to be punctuated with unexpected sensations of irritability and feelings of rage all lathered in immobilizing guilt and shame. Readers witness the author’s personal evolution through her internal review and deconstruction of self and her examination of maternal expectations. It is through this journey of examining and feeling that truly opens up the unexpected possibilities of understanding and what it means to be content in motherhood.

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My Big Feelings and The Big Bad Virus

By Emily Adler Mosqueda
Illustrated by Hingyi Khong

A children's book to help kids, and adults alike, learn skills to calm their bodies and emotions while dealing with the global pandemic of Covid-19.

Learn more about the illustrator @hingyi_khong and  The book will also available in Spanish as Mis Emociones Intensas y el Horrible Virus. Since its release in May of 2020, the book has been downloaded across the US, Europe, Asia, Central and South America, and countries in Africa.

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