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Her Space

Updated: May 29, 2020

She claims healing and wholeness. She is one who is loba and yet remembers her wise rabbit medicine. She will shake and reset, down regulate and rest. She loved learning the science of why the irritation kicked up into rage and the language of the nervous system. She’s interested to learn more of that language, animal wisdom and palabra of truth. To her, there is a remembering and an embracing of wisdom forgotten out in the cold frozen self. She’s going to let it go and free fall into the container she’s made and will make with others. She will teach by doing, showing and living. She is new and yet very old. She has always been there waiting for her turn, her courage to take the time and space she deserves and is hers, all hers. And there in the Her Space, she awaits, with curiosity, the other selves who are to join the universal journey home into Mother Her.

6min prompt written Oct. 2018

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