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Updated: May 29, 2020

A neighborhood I thought was far away and then it was underfoot. Playing dress up in heels sounds more fun than the heart wrenching, muscle building job that is being a mother. Growing and stretching, stretching to make marks on skin and tire marks on roads with my peel-outs enraged. Warm cuddly snuggles and stinky diapers. There are the real physical children and the one scared inside, all three screaming and tugging for me until I’m swallowed whole. Suffocation and irritation were not words I thought I’d associated with motherhood, though the landscape is proving, at times, to be like that of a new land, or planet at times. The glimpse of feelings old, and many very new, can overwhelm me at times. Was motherhood always so secret? What is it really like? Do I need more magic to break the spell of its tricks? No, the shape-shifting landscape is the hood of this mother.

6min free write Oct. 2018

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