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Hello, I'm


Mexican-American Mother / Author/ Associate Clinical Professor

& Postpartum Activist

Emily Adler Mosqueda a fair-skinned Latina woman with brown curly hair in a blue dress outside in a field.

Portrait by Kate Griffith Photography

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About Me

I am bilingual/bicultural mamá of two and pediatric Speech-Language Pathologist. I am state and nationally certified and began my clinical career in 2009 working in early intervention and early childhood special education. Currently, I am an Associate Clinical Professor and supervisor of graduate speech-language students.

In 2018, 8 months postpartum after a second child, I began experiencing anxiety, moodiness. I started reassessing my experience of motherhood as a repeat parent and examining more deeply who I was as a mix-ethnicity woman. My memoir, (Unexpected, Demeter Press, 2023) recounts my experiences with mothering as a first-time mom, past mental health and my identity transformation upon becoming a mother a second time.

I have always been creative and curious, and very sensitive down to my core. I am half Mexican and half Western European.  I did not grow up speaking Spanish, but learned it as a second language to connect to my extended family and myself. 


I am a life-long learner and find self-inquiry a regular pastime.  I have found free-writing to be life changing.  Molly Caro May, author of Body Full of Stars, has been a writing coach and mentor to me since 2018.  I think deeply about things and am gaining the courage to share some of those insights with the world.

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