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Postpartum Activism

Once Upon a Time...

The fantasy of motherhood is woven tightly around all people, alike. From very young, messages of

of “good enough” have been communicated, particularly to those who identify as women.  At each stage of development, there is an internal struggle to achieve the “good enough” marks in life and among relationships. Being better than “good enough”, perfect even, has been praised above all else. This, too, often continues into motherhood. That is, until it can’t or a mother chooses to stop measuring themselves against a mythical ruler of an idealized concept, the Perfect Mother.


Emily has studied with sociologist and mother Dr. Sophie Brock and completed her course to be a motherhood studies practitioner. From this deepened study, Emily shares information and research on topics such as: empowered mothering, maternal mental health consequences of perfectionistic mothering, and more on Instagram

@postpartum365. Emily believes the postpartum period extends way beyond the fourth trimester, or the first year or two postpartum. She hopes with more awareness society and supporters of mothers can support the world’s mothers longer after a baby arrives, but each year they’re a mother #postpartum365.


Emily completed a graduate certificate in Infant-Toddler Mental Health from Portland State University (August 2023). Upon completion, she offers perinatal consultation to support clients define what being a “good mother” means for them and supports parents in connecting with their infants to establish quality relationship habits and connections.

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All moms can use help.

Reaching out for help was physically painful to me at first. 

Be brave and reach out.

You are of great value to yourself, your family, and the world.


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Emily and Dr. Sophie Brock discuss her memoir in The Power of Undoing and Recreating. In addition to mentioning her book, Emily and Sophie talk about how women are socialized and how this creates expectations. Big life transitions can bring with it disorganization of self and potential for growth.

Emily and Cath Counihan, counseling psychologist in the UK talk about mental health, mothering, and her new memoir Unexpected.

Emily and Carley Schweet, founder of Hello Postpartum, talk candidly about mental health considerations to make if you're going from one kid to two.

Emily and Dr. Sophie Brock discuss Embracing Our Maternal (and Professional) Expertise. Maternal knowledge and the expertise developed through the practice of mothering is often separated between the 'private' and 'public' realms. Listen as their conversation weaves these together.

Dr. Katayune Kaeni and Emily discuss her experience with postpartum depression, which was made even more shocking because it occurred several months after the birth of her second child. They also discuss child language development that can be impacted by maternal mental health.


The Maternal Revolution Interview

Emily shares her views of motherhood and what she hopes to see change. Published June 27, 2022.

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Hello Postpartum: Why Can't I Talk to My Baby?

Read how postpartum mental health struggles impact a parent's ability to support their child's language learning and what can be done about it, by pediatric speech-language pathologist Emily Adler Mosqueda, M.S., CCC-SLP. Published April 21, 2021.  Motherhood Understood Feature

Emily candidly shares on her late onset of postpartum anxiety and depression symptoms, including rage, after the birth of her second child. Published February 1, 2021.

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Professional Conference Presentations

Adler Mosqueda, E. (Nov 2022). Caregiver mental health and pediatric service provision. Presentation at the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) Convention, New Orleans, LA, online.

Adler Mosqueda, E. (Oct 2021). Perinatal mental health education and early Intervention. Presentation at the Oregon Speech-Language Hearing Association (OSHA) Convention, online.

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